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How cool would it be to tell people you woke up and your man had a warm cup if coffee for you. And y’all sat outside and talked while you sipped the coffee on a beautiful fall morning. and when you got to the last sip of the cup you realized he was asking you to marry him? That’s perfection, right there.
omg if only
no you know what would be funny though 
is if you got up one morning and your guy is like “i made coffee for you” and you reply “i’m not thirsty right now, but thanks” and he puts the coffee in your hands and he’s goes  ”no you have to drink it” and you look at him incredulously and repeat “but i’m not thirsty” and he’s like “drink it” and you refuse to and he just follows you around throughout the day, carrying the same cup of coffee and begging you “please drink it” and you’re so confused because it’s four in the afternoon and you don’t even like coffee  

You don’t want to waste your dish ware so you just keep using this mug. And then your friend comes over and you give them this glass. And you don’t realize it. When they’re done with their coffee, they glance up at you, and raise an eyebrow awkwardly. You smile politely because that’s the nice thing to do, not knowing what they just read.
You are suddenly sucked into a time vortex. Twenty years later. You are still married to your best friend. Your former significant other has become the neighborhood homeless person. They’re crazy. They talk to pigeons and throw crackers at you. You are fantastically rich. You have three kids. Everything is perfect in this alternate timeline where you gave your friend the “Marry Me” cup.
But there is something inherently wrong. You, and the hobo down the street know there’s something up. The very fabric of time and space is tearing at the seams.
Marry Me: A Science Fiction Saga

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that kid looks so confused like “what is this bish talking about”

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